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Guaranteed to bring back fond memoriesJust £14.96 for Chewbz - Retro Sweet Mix -Really Big - Gifts. Read more ... » of a misspent youth, those wonderful days when the sun always shone, and you could get nearly 20 sweetJust £12.95 for Wine Gum Sweet Tree - Small - Gifts. Read more ... » in a 10p mix. This wonderfully tantalizing treat will arrive to your homeJust £17.49 for Brownie Bites Maker - Home & Garden. Read more ... » in a see through tube packed full of all the delicious goodies you so enthusiastically tucked into many moons ago. Because the tube is see through the excitement begins straight away as first, through the packaging, you spot a Bubbly then some Fizzers and is that a pack of four Gobstoppers I spy hiding behind that Popping CandyJust £5.95 for Candy G-String - Pampering. Read more ... » and lets not forget the fruit salads, black jacks, drumstickJust £4.95 for Drumstick Pencils - Other Toys. Read more ... » lollies, doubleJust £14.95 for Personalised Mother's Day Sweetie Jar - Small - Other Occasions. Read more ... » lollies, parma violets, refresher bars, a double dip, loveJust £20.00 for Silver Plated Love Heart - Gifts. Read more ... » heartsJust £4.95 for Drumstick Pencils - Other Toys. Read more ... », candy watchJust £50.99 for Burg 5: Retro Mobile Phone Watch - Silver One Sizesilver - Gadgets. Read more ... », wham barJust £39.00 for Sweetie Hamper - Gifts. Read more ... », flump and boxJust £6.95 for A Box Of Pink Chocolate Hearts - Gifts. Read more ... » of candy sticks. The only major decision left to make is what size you would like to opt for. Sensible: 32 cm tallJust £14.96 for Chewbz - Retro Sweet Mix -Really Big - Gifts. Read more ... » by 6.5 cm, in old schoolJust £14.95 for Personalised Wizard Book - Your Child At Wizard School - Personalised Gifts. Read more ... » that's 12.5 inchesJust £11.95 for Chewbz - Retro Sweet Mix - Regular - Gifts. Read more ... » x 2.5 inchesQuite Big: 44cm tall and 6.5 cm in old school that's 17.5 inches x 2.5 inchesReally Big: 62cm tall and 6.5cm in old school that's 24.5 inches x 2.5 inchesStupid Big: 88cm tall and 8cm in old school that's 34.5 inches x 3.5 inches, just so you fully understand the vast scale of this giftJust £20.00 for Silver Plated Love Heart - Gifts. Read more ... » it is just shy of 3ft the average height of a 4 year old child. This would be a wonderful gift for one person who 'really lovedJust £34.99 for Candy Floss Maker - Gifts. Read more ... » those old sweetsJust £30.00 for Sweets For My Sweet Box - Large - Hampers. Read more ... »' or for a whole gang of people that love to share, when we received a Chewbz at PrezzyboxJust £7.49 for Sow And Grow - Magical Fairy Flowers - Novelty Gifts. Read more ... » HQ it was a whirlwind of delight. Each face lit up with excitement when they came across a childhood favorite then another then another, this scurry of movement was shortly followed by a strange silence as we had all shoved so many sweets in our mouths no sound could escape. A great alternative to a box of chocolates, perfect for child, teen or adult, fun for the whole family to enjoy, takes you on a trip of nostalgia and so very very very delicious. Please Note: Contents may vary subject to availability.

Prezzybox Information - We offer 1000's of unusual gift ideas and birthday giftsJust £4.95 for Pac-Man Stapler - Novelty Gifts. Read more ... » for all the family, priding ourselves on having the perfect gift for any occasion. £15.95 for the 'Chewbz - RetroJust £8.49 for Thumbs Up - '80s Retro Iphone Case - Gadgets. Read more ... » Sweet Mix - Big' from Prezzybox offers excellent value for money. We believe that the Prezzybox shopJust £7.96 for Chewbz - Sweet Shop Collection - Regular - Personalised Gifts. Read more ... » offers hassle-freeJust £13.99 for Crowther Creative - Retro Sweet Jar – Small - Chocolate. Read more ... » shopping online to one and all. The 'Chewbz - Retro Sweet Mix - Big' is a fantastic example of a quality 'Gifts' item from the Prezzybox store. Go buy it now! More Ideas - - - - - - - - - - -

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